The Submission Center is Live Now

The Submission Center is Live Now

Our Submission Center portal is live now. Try it.

Alas! The Submission Center is live now. We've been trying to streamline the submission process for Startup Dope and

Building a single window portal allows us to focus on developing quality content, stories, products for audience and micro services for Startups.

When you visit the new Startup Dope Submission Center, you will see 4 separate forms.

Product Submission Form

Designed to get relevant information and data points that can help us understand the product, its vision, key metrics, and target demographics. Recommended for product-based startups (Physical or digital), Saas products, or any other product that our users can try.

Note: If it's a Saas product, it is eligible for listing on as well. Our LaunchToast team will reach out to you for

Startup Submission Form

We cover startups that are in these phases pre-seed or Seed or Series A, B, or C.
Every other startup that isn't in the product category can submit their Startup Story.

This form brings out the finer details about the entrepreneurial journey, strategy & thought, and the evolution of the startup from the beginning till now.

Press Release Submission Form

We recognize that PR agencies would want to submit PR releases, so we created a direct PR submission channel that is specifically for this purpose. The submissions made on the form would be fast-tracked as the releases have to be sent out in a short span of time. We encourage PR firms to sign up and submit the releases only on that form.

Please note: Other types of content that isn't PR, submitted through the form will not be published.

Guest Post Submission form

Our readers are always looking for insights and inspiration and thought leadership articles. Guest posts are a great way to get onboard thinkers and industry leaders to share their ideas and In-depth analysis on emerging technology and sectors.

Please note: We have Guestpost guidelines that keeps our content relevant to our audience (Read Guest post guidelines here)

Why did we design the Submission Center?

Mainly to clear a backlog of submissions and improve our content production efficiency. We've also built a publishing process that includes various content formats effectively.

Microservices for Startups

We offer over 20 + micro-services that are designed to help grow/ boost your startup's growth. The microservices address very specific needs either in content, Growth marketing, design, Video, or in sales. Due to its modular nature, you can just purchase specific services as and when you need them.

Here's the Link to the submission Center: