Project W5w, (International Womens day initiative) April schedule opens up

Project W5w – International Women’s Day, helping women set-up their online presence

Last month on International Women’s day, we announced that every month we’ll help 5 women (chosen randomly) create their web presence. (you can apply or read about it here)

It’s April, and we’ve opened up the schedule for 5 women to apply for their chance to get the website of their choice.

Once again, there’s no catch and we’re not selling anything for you to win it. It’s just that we’re nice like that.


  1. This programme applies only to Women or startups with Women founders only.
  2. Only one site per person.
  3. As is the rule: We’ll randomly select the applicant through our system. We’ll let you know, if you’ve been shortlisted. Like our Facebook page:
  4.  If you know a friend who might find this useful, send it to them.
  5. The site doesn’t come with any service or warranty attached to it. You won’t need one in most cases. (For paid support you can contact our friends at LaunchToast, they’ll be happy to help. )
  6. By joining the programme you agree to the terms and conditions set forth by Startup Dope and it’s partnering entities.
  7. Project W5w is an initiative by Startup Dope, we tie up with partners only listed on here to give you the service for free (except the additional paid services mentioned above)
  8. If you have any questions please get in touch with us here .

P.S: In the future, we’ll be updating you about the Schedule through our social media channels.








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